Each PLS stud dog owner recognizes the importance of genetic diversity. The APLSA stud dog owner has total control over any written contracts which must be made between the breeder who uses the stud and the owner of the stud. APLSA is not responsible for agreements made, kept, or not kept. We are also NOT responsible for the results of any breeding. All PLS stud dogs must have

     1.The required OFA or Penn Hip Test,

     2.The  required OFA eye certification test (previously known as CERF)

     3.The results of a PRA (progressive retinal atrophy test )

Test results should be available to any breeder considering the use of the stud. Whether other tests are done remains at the discretion of the owner

The APLSA stud dog owner endorses the mission and objectives of the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association,the Code of Ethics, and the Code of Conduct, while taking many things  into consideration .The APLSA cannot and is not responsible for the actions of any particular stud owner. The APLSA does not make any claim(s) or representation as to the health, quality, or temperament of any of the stud dog's puppies. When purchasing PON puppies it is your responsibility to speak to many  breeders and owners , ask a lot of questions, and learn about the needs and responsibilities you will have with the breed. 

Any contract or transaction between you and any breeder is strictly between you and the breeder. The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc., is in no way responsible for any purchase or contract or any part therein, and in no way can be held responsible for any such relationship.  This new  list is here to provide you contact information with various stud owners. The APLSA breeders are in no way endorsed nor does the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association take any responsibility beyond providing contact information.

Kathleen Rewa
Annapolis, MD

email: kathleenrewa@aol.com
DATE OF BIRTH: 2/22/2014
Earned championship with several BOB/BOS wins
Pedigree and all tests results available upon request

TESTING: OFA HIP certified--Good OFA Eye Certification (CERF)--Passed
rcd4 PRA eye test--carrier
MEASU REMENTS:19.5 inches at withers and 22 inches long
COAT: White shawl,muzzle,legs, feet, and underbelly with black head,ears and saddle, gunpowder grey undercoat under black on saddle; black nose
PERSONALITY: Happy, playful, gregarious, easy going. Plays hard and fast in spaces..Receptive to and enjoys learning new things; ready for a new game; and appreciates his regular day to day routine
DESCRIPTION:Solid bone structure yet very athletic, agile, fast running. Gait very smooth and easy gliding movement in the show ring and happiest when showing which can be visibly observed. Non-alpha when playing with other dogs, intuitive with new dogs upon introduction, extremely social, loves meeting new friends and new people and accepting them particularly in the home when having visitors over though wary for the first minute which is typical for the breed. I feel particularly blessed not just in his conformation but with his exceptional, loyal and affectionate personality.

CH Polski Dumny Piotr Van Het Goralenhof CA BCAT TD HSAs Achiever Dog, IABCA Nat'l CH, AHBA HTD1s (Taz)

Benigne Dohms
Payson, AZ
DATE of BIRTH:  1/09/2016
TESTING:  OFA Normal Eyes, PRA carrier, Hips Good, Natural Bobtail
                    For pedigree and other information contact the owner
MEASUREMENTS:   19.5 tall
COAT:  Non-fading black and white, black nose
PERSONALITY:  Lively! Very little goes unnoticed by this PON..  Taz has a 360 degree interest in the world around him. He
is a high energy, high enthusiasm , high curiousity Polish Lowland who managed to make one of his first show judges laugh and play with him in the ring at 4 months of age.
DESCRIPTION:  Taz's first major win toward his championship, awarded by a judge who lived in Poland and unerstood structure, movement and desire to be be noticed,came when he was 7 months old, and the title was achieved in only several more shows before he was 3 years old.  During that time he enthusiastitically competed in Tracking, Lure Coursing, Fast CAT,Barn Hunt, Carting an Herding, with titles and qualilfications in all of these sports.  Although he stands only 19.5 inches tall, his heavy black and white coat give him the appearance of being much larger.  Taz is very solid in bone,  and strong in muscle.  He is outgoing and will give you an authoritative bark if  he would like your attention.  Called the John Belushi of the herding world, Taz is independent but closely bonded to his family.  Health tests have been done, pedigree and DNA are preferred for the breeding.  Stud services only to approved females, priority given for  demonstrated herding ability.