SIZE--males (dogs) 18-20 inches; females (bitches) 17-19 inches. 

WEIGHT--35-50 pounds (males tend to weigh on the higher end)

COLORS--all colors are acceptable.Black and white, black, white, grey, charcoal grey,
chocolate, cream, etc. Many have a fading gene and will lighten as they get older. A
few may go from black puppies to white adults; some even darken up as they get
older. Chocolates must have a chocolate nose and lips and no other color than
white. Bottom line is don't buy a puppy just for color. Chances are good you
will end up with "several" colored dogs during their lives.

COAT AND GROOMING--long, dense, shaggy and reasonably straight. Top coat coarse, undercoat softer.Hair covers the eyes. Considered to be a non-shedder, requiring at least a good brushing each week. Bath is recommended every 4-6 weeks. Color may change
throughout their life. This is Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information you must consider before considering a PON.  Whether you keep the coat long or have it clipped there is a certain amount of maintenance that must be taken into consideration, therefore, the coat and grooming must always be a consideration.

TEMPERAMENT--Stable and self-confident. Requires training and socialization from
puppyhood with a clear set of rules followed by all the family members. Training
and socialization must be fair, firm, consistent, and positive.When not working
or herding, makes a great companion. Adapts to most lifestyles, but is happiest
when with you, his herd.Loyal, he is often aloof and stand-offish with strangers.
This does not mean a well trained PON will be aggressive. Puppy kindergarten and
obedience are highly recommended. PONs can do all kinds of activities with you
from herding, agility, therapy, flyball, conformation, and much much more. This dog is great, however, it has a temperament that will require you both socialize and obedience train.  If you do not have the time right now, this may not be the dog for you at this time.

EXERCISE--Needs daily exercise; a good walk or 20 minutes of serious ball or fetch will
do. Loves to run, hike, etc...anything to be with you

CHILDREN--Excellent when brought up and socialized with children. Children must also
be respectful to the PON.

BARKING--Very aware; will respond to different situations. Training is important when
young. Well trained usually quiet around the house.

DIFFERENCE IN MALES AND FEMALES--Opinions of   this vary from breeder to breeder

FOOD AND NUTRITION----Good quality kibble food with a protein of less than 24%. Raw
fed by some breeders. PONs may always be hungry; do not overfeed , Check
with your breeder for further information.

HEALTH--Generally this is a very healthy and tough breed. Two tests are required: OFA
or Penn Hip, OFA Eye Certification. A late on-set PRA (Progressive Retinal
Atrophy) test is also highly recommended. Do not be afraid to ask to see the
written test results of the parents of any puppy in which you are interested.
There has also been occasional diabetes, hypothyroidism,and other problems.
You can go to the OFA site and learn more about the CHIC program and look up
and see if the test results of your potential PON puppies' results are there.

HEAT AND COLD--Does well in all parts of the country. You must also take into
consideration your own conditions and ability to monitor conditions. Generally
prefers cooler climate unless air conditioning is available.

COST--Reputable breeders will generally sell their puppies between $2500 and $2600.
Prices may vary from the norm and breeder to breeder, and are most often
dependent upon the amount and types of test that has been done on both the
sire, the dam, and the puppy.  Some breeders will vary from this price. 

Before considering any purchase, gathering breed information is extremely important.The Polish Lowland Sheepdog, also known as a PON, is a very old breed that almost became extinct following the World Wars in Europe. He was known in Poland as the Polski Owczarek Nizinny. PONS are a medium sized , compact, strong and muscular dog with a long thick coat that covers the eyes. He is a herding dog who is extremely smart and very, very intuitive. His memory is remarkable , so much so that he can do his job without the help of a master. You, your kids, other animals , and even his toys may well be herded. Above is a synopsis of some things you probably want to know about the breed as you do your research. There are also additional APLSA sites with much more about PLSheepdog Dog Breed Information:  PON Puppy Buyers Guide     and Polish Lowland Sheepog Info

If you have specific questions feel free to contact   APLSA

 NOTE:  NEVER BUY a PON  puppy just because you think they are cute and they are.


So you are thinking of buying a new PON (Polski Owczarek Nizinny) puppy  or an adult better known in the U.S. as a Polish Lowland Sheepdgog.  There is much Polish Lowland Sheepdog information you must gather:  size and cost, colors, temperament and personality, coat and grooming and much more.  The APLSA would be happy to help you find the right PON for your family.   For further information contact any of our officers or breeders.  All of them have much knowledge and can give you all of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog information you need to find out.  The PON as the breed is sometimes called is not necessarily a breed for everyone.