PON de Rosa PONs               Dr. Mariela Zeledon and Dr. Daniel Mirota, San Jose, CA   
     (412)  841-9176                                      mariela@ponderosapons.com                                       www.ponderosapons.com
As breeders we strongly believe  in well-rounded,deeply-loved dogs that are an integral part of family. Therefore, we have been active in a number of dog events,including fly ball,  trick titles,the Canine Good Citizen Porgram, Dog Scouts , rally and conformation  Mariela is a geneticist  and is actively involved in the APLSA's health committee.
As responsible dog breeders  we aim to produce the healthiest most beautiful, and best tempered Polish Lowland Sheepdogs possible. We are committed to the following:  
     --Educating ourselves, our community and our perspective puppy buyers.
     --Always putting the dog's welfare first.
     --Adhering to the best breeding practices and to the AKC standard to improve the breed.
     --Liaising with breeders and veterinary professionals to ensure that we make the soundest breeding 
        decisions possible
     --Participating in social and competitive  events to introduce people to the breed.
     --Always being unequivocally honest about our dogs
     --Finding loving homes for every puppy born; providing a lifetime of support for our extended 
        PON de Rosa family.
ZIELONAGORA PONS           Chris Gibson, Hillsborough, NC
     (860) 597-1333                                                     chrisgibs99@gmail.com                                www.ziielonagorapons.com
We are a small and breeding kennel in North Carolina.  We recently retired and moved from the cold of Connecticut  to the warmth of the South!  We hve been owned by our Polilsh Lowland Sheepdogs ("PONs") for the past 17 years and were active in the New England show circuit when we lived in Connecticut.
If you are interested in the breed please do give me a call.  I am happy to discuss the breed attributes and personalities.  All of our breeding stock has been shown to championships in AKC venues.  We produce only a few litters a year but strive for happy and healthy pups.  Every pup goes home with its AKC registration, microchip, first vaccinations, physical exam,grooming gifts and articles on puppy behavior  and training.  And every puppy is started on house training and his/her personality matched to your living environment.  We hope to make the right match for both the pup and you.

The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc.(APLSA) welcomes new Polish Lowland Sheepdog breeders who are willing to become members and who are willing to adhere to our Constitution and Bylaws and our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.  There is no charge for being listed, however, you must be a member of the Association who is in good standing who has met the requirements for and has been accepted for membership.  




SUNDANCER PONS                             Darlene Cross LasVegas, NV
       (702) 433-4411                      sundancerPONs@gmail.com                             darlenecross@cox.net
I am an owner, handler, hobby breeder of Polish Lowland Sheepdogs. I committed to PONs as my forever breed in 2009, finished my first girl's championship as owner/handler, and had the joy of finishing my first Bred-by exhibitor in 2016.  
I am particularly concerned with breeding PONs with great health and temperatment.   I also work hard to match the right puppy with the right owner.  Puppies are born in my bedroom and are raised with my family and friends.  I am a psychotherapist in private practice and all my puppies are raised and socialized in my practice setting.  Please note:  pet puppies are onl sold on a spay/neuter agreement. Inquiries are always welcome.

I The Polish Lowland Sheepdog breeders listed have endorsed the APLSA  Code of Ethics, the Code of Conduct, and have agreed there are many things to consider  when breeding, buying, and/or selling Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies (PON puppies)  a and/or adult dogs. Kennel owners will have much knowledge  about the breed even though they may not presently have pups, so there are many reasons to speak to as many breeders as you can.

II.The APLSA cannot and is not responsible for the actions of any particular breeder.   Nor does it make any claim(s)  or representation as to the health, quality  or temperament of any PON puppy or adult  owned or sold.  

III.  It is your responsibility to speak to multiple breeders and PON owners, ask a lot of questions,and learn about the needs and responsibilities you will have.   Any contact or transaction between you and any of the APLSA breeders is strictly between you and the breeder.

IV. There are three things we recommend  in a good breeder. 1)  They should be willing to help you anytime with your PON...just a call away to be there to care about their "babies,2)  They will  will start socializing their puppies prior to you getting them . (3)  They are serious about their breeding and work very hard to provide good health and genetic diversity which ultimately will insure the integrity of the breed.  

V. The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association (APLSA) is in no way responsible for any purchase or contract or any part therein and in no way can be held responsible for any such relationship.  Nor are they responsible in any way for the heatlh and quality of your puppy.  This list is here to provide contacts for you.  The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association breeders are in no way endorsed nor does the APLSA take any responsibility beyond providing contact information.

 ENCHANTINGPON               Isabelle  Majerus,  Akron, Ohio & PuntaGorda, FL
       (330)801-2631                                                enchantingpon@gmail.com                                 www.enchantingpon.com           
After being involved with the PON breed for over eighteen years, I have decided to start a breeding program here  in Northeast Ohio.  I do not breed often, but the goal is always to improve the breed.My foundation bitch is Layla.  She is a fantastic mother with a wonderful temperament.  My goal as a breeder is to produce beautiful, healthy puppies with similarly desirable temperaments, and I want them to ultimately be as much a member of the family as well as to be able to  enjoy life and activities with them  .  All canine parents will have completed ,as well as updated,as needed, their health  tests which are posted on the OFA site.  The puppies will go home with their 1 and/or 2  vaccine shots and will have had a vet health check and seen by an opthamologist.  They will be microchipped as well as and socialization will be started.  All puppies live in my home in the center of family events and outings.  Car rides will be performed.  Leash training and potty training will also  be started.  It is of the utmost importance to me that the puppies have a smooth transition and adapt well to their new family.  I keep in contact with all the families as needed and enjoy getting pictures and updates.