So you are now a member of the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association--APLSA.  The next questions are  how involved do I need to be?  What can I do to be involved? There are actually three ways to be involved and we'd love to see you involved in all of them. 




  SOCIAL MEDIA is another way you can be involved with the APLSA.  Not only do we have the website which you are on, but we have two others as well'  

If you  do a search on Facebook you will find 2 very active sites.

1.  Our official  Facebook page is called the AMERICAN POLISH LOWLAND SHEEPDOG ASSOCIATION.  On it you will find all kinds of information pertaining to your Polish Lowland Sheepdog.  You can post as a visitor under posts or you can also send information to the webmaster for consideration...    WEBMASTER 

2.  The second social media possibility is a closed Facebook group which as an APLSA member  you can surely join . This group can be found by searching for the POLISH LOWLAND SHEEPDOG HEALTH DISCUSSION AND FORUM.    

Committees are one of the most important aspects of any organization.  They are made up of members who gather information, organize the ideas , and present material to the Officers and Board of Directors for further action.They also provide for members to get involved in many ways. 

There are two types of  APLSA committees each serving a different function. STANDING COMMITTEES  are those which remain in existence during the term of the officers. AD HOC COMMITTEES  are established for a limited amount of time and have a very specific purpose. Some examples of the committees are as follows

   STANDING--  APLSA COMMITTEES                   

Health , Ways and Means, Finance,Membership, Breeders' Education, Judge's Education,  Awards, Discipline, Membership Renewal,  Historian, and Show Performance and Companion Events.   

Nominating,  Audit,  Fun/Special Events, Breed Standard, Constitution and Bylaws and others as needed.

Published quarterly the PON Post is the name of our Polish Lowland Sheepdog newsletter which is electronically provided with all memberships. . To make it fun for all and worth reading  the Polish Lowland Sheepdog newsletter we need ALL MEMBERS TO SUBMIT to the newsletter on a regular basis.  What kinds of information you may ask.  


-- activities such as conformation, herding, agility, dance, therapy, flyball, search and rescue, picnics, boating, driving a car, flying, etc....the list is endless.  PONs do all kinds of things and people need to learn more about the PONs they own. They are far more than a pretty face. 

--Songs,poems, cartoons, silly and stupid things, puppy and adult  shenanigans, etc.

--Serious articles  about health , training , and education; tidbits of information about PONs and other dogs in general, etc.

--questions and concerns, opinions, the list is endlist 




  NOTE: If you are a writer or photographer we are always looking for people who would like to work on the PON Post which is our Polish Lowland Sheepdog newsletter. Just let us know. Contact our temporary editor if you'd like to be involved and learn more contact Benigne

  NOTE:  Standing and Ad Hoc committees do not all exist at this time nor do we have members who have stepped up to chair them all.  Should you have an interest in such just let us know.   Contact information is  President

  In addition to the social media sites there is another site which as a member of the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association  you can utilize or send others to. The first part of the site  is very useful if you are getting a new puppy,PON or other.  The second part gives you lots of information about not only training but things you can learn to do with your PON. To learn more:


If anyone is interested in establishing an APLSA Twitter, or other social media site beyond Facebook please let us know by contacting the  APLSA