Why is the APLSA doing the 

American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association International Health Survey 

 at this time?

1. The data we have about PON health is quite outdated and piecemeal.
2. Without accurate data , we won't know how to help breeders  focus on improving the
3. Without accurate date, we won't know which research causes (diabetes, thyroid,
     cancer, eye health, etc.,) would be most beneficial to the breed and so we can't focus
     our efforts accordingly.
4.  Without accurate data, we can't give honest information to people who are looking 
      to get into the breed.
5.  We need pet owners to fill in the survey because oftentimes breeders won't, can't, 
      or would rather not fill it out themselves.  The pet owners spend the most time
      with their pets and know their health and behavior better than the breeder.
6.  All the questions on the survey are completely voluntary, so you don't have to
      answer anything that you'd prefer not to answer. 
7.  The first step to help improve our breed is to know what our strengths and 
      weaknesses are.
8.  White there is no due date, we'd like to get enough responses to be able to get 
      meaningful data.
9.  The survey will be open in case you have additional dogs or changes to add later on.
10.Even if your PON is now healthy we need to know that also...you can always enter
      any further information at a later time---the survey remains open. 
Please do our survey.  It is important to our future.

The APLSA cannot emphasize enough the importance of the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association International Health Survey.  A great deal of time, energy,  and money has been spent on it and it is the hope of the APLSA that people who own PONS , past and present, healthy and non-healthy will do this survey so that we can get an accurate picture of just exactly what the problems are we are facing in the breed.  We welcome all people from everywhere to take part and hope you will do so.   All information about your specific PONs  (Polski Owczarek Nizinny) will remain confidential .  We welcome your responses.  Please contact below should you have any questions. 


If you have questions email --   click 




1.  Read ALL directions before beginning the survey. 

2.  When you click on the link you will be asked if you want to take the survey  in English, Polish, or German.  Whichever you choose you will have to take the whole survey in that language. 

3. If on the pop-up calendar you do not see your date, please put it in manually in the space provided.

4.  If you cannot answer please do not leave blank but insert NA

5.  If for some reason you have to leave the survey to come back later, please finish the page you are on first. 

6.  Before you begin please have available for each PON you own or have owned, your registration information, name, date of birth and death when applicable, health tests and pedigrees ready to use. 

7.  You may have to clear your cookies and/or cache in order to do the survey for more than one PON.

8.  APLSA can only tell you how important all of this information is for our breed, and thank you for all the input you will give.  It seems long, but i dogs were entered in 15-20 minutes by having the necessary papers nearby.

f an answer is not available, use NA.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   When you begin the survey it will say you have 76 questions....you do NOT. The first question ask is you want English, Polilsh  or German.  One you get into your chosen  language you will only have 25 questions which are easy to answer .

Please Read Before Starting the Survey

Want to learn more about PON health, ask health questions, etc., join the closed Facebook Group called Polish Lowland Sheepdog Health Discussion and Forum.  You must first belong to Facebook.

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If you have question  email


Note:  If you want to go back in and finish or  need to edit on one dog  , Survey Monkey sets a cookie so you will have to make sure your cookies aren't cleared and that you use the same browser. 

   This survey is now officially closed.  Thank you to all who have cared enough about our beloved PONs to give us your input.  If you requested the outcome be sent to you, you should receive it shortly.