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Properly introduced they do wll with other pets!
The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association is providing  you this list of suggested books and other printed materials that have to do with health, training ,and the well-being of  this great Polish breed.    The first two Polish Lowland Sheepdog books are listed because they are generally recognized as the most thorough  and accurate source of information on the  the PON as it is known, particularly as they have developed in the U.S. Both Polish Lowland Sheepdog books will be most useful to both pet owners and PON breeders alike.   They are available at most major bookstores on line. APLSA reeommends both of these Polish Lowland Sheepdog books to owners to be.  Other printed suggestions and articles will follow.
Written by E. Jane Brown, Tomasz Borkowski,DVM,PhD, and Margaret Supronowicz, DVM,  The Official Book of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog is still considered to be the official book of the breed in the United States.   Available at most major book stores on line, it contains information about the history of the breed, the standard, grooming, choosing a puppy,nutrition, and much more.  It also list the pedigrees of some of the foundation stock in this country.  It is a must have for anyone interested in or who already owns a PON.
Another book that would be most useful in your library is Polish Lowland Sheepdog by Elizabeth Augustowski, known to her friends as Betty.   She is the person credited with establishing the breed in the United States.  This book in addition to addressing some of the topics in the first book, also talks more about care, training, behavior, showing, etc.  It is a great complement to the  book above. 
There are now many new books that contain sections describing the PON.  One of the official books you might want to check out is the American Kennel Club's . The New Complete Dog Book, 21st edition.  Published in 2015 this book has not only a brief  history of the breed , but a description , and  the standard, pgs. 816-819.  There is a newer edition but the information on the PON should be the same.
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