American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association

Polish Lowland Sheepdog Pioneers

Many Polish Lowland Sheepdog pioneers  were involved in introducing PONS  to the United States.  Some of the earliest people were involved as early as the early 1980's; a few dogs  were shown by 1985, but the movement really took off in 1987. Betty  and Kaz Augustowski who owned Elzbieta Kennels were very instrumental in getting the breed into the country, but it was through the work of many PL Sheepdog pioneers that the breed grew and became known.

Among of the earliest Polish Lowland Sheepdog pioneers then were Betty and Kaz Augustowski, Dorene and Herb Zalis, Jane and Larry Brown,  Loana Shields, Thomas Wason and Mary VonDrehle.  You may note that some of these very people are involved in APLSA today.

First known as the Polski Owczarek Nizinny, later known as PONS, and ultimately the Polish Lowland Sheepdog when entering AKC, the breed began to appear at various shows and other places and the earliest pioneers were very proud of their achievements. Not everyone involved will be shown below, but the pictures were given compliments of Betty Augustowski and some of  those people  who worked so closely with her to help establish the breed and get it recognized by the AKC, where today it is known as one of the herding dogs. APLSA thanks all of those who helped make the PON the breed it has become.

Left sighthound, middle PLS, right Tatra

There were many people involved and many began to attend shows.   You began to see not only the Polski Owzarek Nizinny (PON) which was Poland's Herding and guard dog  but the Chart Polski (Poland's Sight hound) and the Tatra  Podhalhonski (most often a guard dog)

Introducing a new breed to a whole country is much more work than PON owners today may even realize.  It meant travelling long distances to even see another PON or meet another PON person.   In  the beginning there were no shows, but you had to seek out club matches where rare breeds were welcome. In time the States Kennel Club was formed and both AKC and rare breeds showed.  It was a learning experience because the judges were often AKC judges as well as SKC judges.  Then came ARBA, the American Rare Breed Association where many  breeds imported from all over the world were shown.  Most of those early breeds are now AKC recognized breeds.  All of these changes occurred from the late 80's until now.
Betty and Kaz...honored in Poland
Dorene and Herb
Jane and Larry
Loana and Tom
Mary, Rusty and Cle