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PON Post

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog  bi-monthly newsletter of the
American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association is   known as the PON Post. It is scheduled to be an electronic newsletter. which you will receive with your membership.   You will be able to print it out or save it.  If you don't have a computer other arrangements can be made. The PON Post  will, however, only be as good as you make it. 
 To make it a really fun Polish Lowland Sheepdog newsletter, 
 we need member(s)' pet pictures, as well as  pictures of other PONs doing agility, herding, dance, therapy, flyball, conformation, picnics, birthdays and birthday parties, etc.  We need stories and articles written by the members...or even talented PON writers.   Can you write a song?  A poem? How about a cartoon?  We all know how unique the PON is...let's show his unique abilities in our Polish Lowland Sheepdog newsletter.   
Polish Lowland Sheepdog breeders
can play a special role as they have many opportunities to show our breed at its creative best.  Puppies explore, try silly things , and sometimes even do stupid things.  Polish Lowland Sheepdog breeders through their photos can give us all some idea of what it is like to be one of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog breeders and ultimately what life can be like as an owner.  So Polish Lowland Sheepdog breeders who are members, get those cameras going!
 We also need tidbits  and general dog
articles for our Polish Lowland Sheepdog newsletter    that you might come across, as well as information regarding health and care. While there might be some regular columns and/or writers , the bulk of information will have to come from you.  Have a clever PON story? The key to a great American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association newsletter is to  SHARE  and TAKE PART.  It is OUR NEWSLETTER AND IT WILL ONLY BE AS GOOD AS WE MAKE IT!  So make this Polish Lowland Sheepdog  newsletter, the PON Post, your home-house  PON paper.
If everyone sends one picture, article, or story  to the editor often  we will have a super Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association newsletter!
Pictures , Stories, etc., for the newsletter should be sent the editor





All copy must be received by the 25th of the month on the  months when the newsletter is due

   March 25, June 25

Sept. 25, Dec.25

All dates are approximate for publication!