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Sheepdog Association

Membership Information

How to Join the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc.
Thank you for your interest in membership in the
 American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc.


The following types of membership are offered by the APLSA:

SOME KEY POINTS ABOUT MEMBERSHIP: There are several types of membership to choose from.  Whether you are a pet owner, a breeder, or do various activities with your PON the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association welcomes you!  Among one of the new types of membership one is exclusively for our Canadian and Mexican neighbors.  You can choose either a joint or an individual  Canadian- Mexican membership.  Another of our newest types of membership  is called
joint. Joint also includes the old house membership but is more inclusive to other situations.   Life comes only from the Board.  If you do not own a PON yet, but want to learn more the newsletter membership is available to you.  The others speak for themselves. Regardless of your choice all members must agree to the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. 
Individual Membership:  shall include any individual eighteen years of age or older who is presently an owner or co-owner of a Polish Lowland Sheepdog or has owned a one  within the last five consecutive years.  He/she will enjoy off the privileges of the Association including the right to vote and hold office.  The member will receive a newsletter. Individual members may upgrade to household membership by adding one additional member in accordance with Article I, Section 1 (b) at the time of membership renewal and paying such dues.
Joint  Membership: Two people aged 18 years or older who own/co-own a PON(s) or have owned a PON within the last five years.  Both people are responsible for caring for the health and welfare of their PON(s).  Both members holding a joint membership shall enjoy all the privileges of the Association, including the right to vote and hold office, however, the newsletter will be sent to one address.If you hold a joint membership, you may change to an individual membership at the time of renewal if desired.
Life Membership:  election to Life Membership status is at the discretion of the Board of Directors and is awarded for meritorious service to the Association and/or in recognition of long time membership (20+ years) in good standing.  Life Members shall enjoy all the privileges of the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog  Association, including the right to vote and hold office.  A  Life Member shall not be assessed dues from the point of award forward.  Life time members may or may not presently own a PON.
Junior Membership:  is open to any person between ten and seventeen(10-17) years of age.  Junior members may not vote, hold office, or be counted in determining a quorum. A Junior Member owning or co-owning a Polish Lowland Sheepdog shall automatically become a regular member with all of the rights and privileges attached thereto upon reaching eighteen(18) years of age.

Canadian-Mexican Membership:  shall be open to all citizens of Canada and Mexico who own a PON(s).  They will have full voting rights as per Article IV, Section 2(b)  and may serve on the Board of Directors as a Director only.  All other rights and privileges of membership apply as per other memberships.
Newsletter Membership: shall include and individual eighteen (18) years of age or older who has an interest in the Polish Lowland Sheepdog and may or may not own a dog now.  Newsletter members cannot vote or hold office and do not count in the determination of a quorum.  Dues are set to cover the cost of printing and postal expenses.A member(s) who have owned a PON(s) but after five years no longer own  one, should they wish to remain in the Association, will be classified as newsletter members(excludes those who hold Life Memberships), A newsletter member may up their status to an individual or household membership at the time of renewal providing they then own or co-own a Polish Lowland Sheepdog.
Foreign Membership: shall be open to any individual not residing in the United States who is not a United States citizen  but has an interest in the Polish Lowland Sheepdog.  Foreign members cannot vote or hold office  and do not count in the deterimination of a quorum. Foreign members will receive a copy of the newsletter.

Steps to Membership

2.  Go to the APLSA webpage containing the dated Code of Ethics
      and the dated Code of Conduct and read it.  You may print it out or
      save a copy on your computer should you choose to do so.  On the
      application form, you will be asked if you have read, understand,
      and will abie by both documents.

3.   Instructions for completion will be found on the application
      form and must be followed in order for your application to be
      processed by the APLSA Board.  Paperwork which is NOT filled
      out in its entirety will NOT be processed.
4.    Should you not know or have access to two sponsors, include
       a note with your application letting the Board know and they will provide not let not knowing any one stop you!  We are very
       spread out and you would not be unique.
5.      To complete your application do the following:
          A.  Print out and totally fill in the application forms.  Forms
                not filled with in will NOT  be processed. 
          B.  Each applicant must initial that he/she has read,
                understands, and will abide by the Code of Ethics and
                Code of Conduct.    
          C.  Enclose a check   for the correct amount made out  to
  American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association
           D.  Mail your completed application and check  or money order   to
c/o Denise Ney
P.O Box 14
Arnold,MD 21012
                 E.  The Treasurer will phone you or send you a short note via
                    e-mail (USPS if no e-mail) if something is missing from
                    your application when it arrives and give you the opportunity
                    to send it.  In the event your application is not accepted
                    the Treasurer will return your check with no reason for
                    refusal once the application is processed by the Board.
                    If accepted you will be notified and in a few days should
                    receive a welcome packet.
               F.  All applications received become the property of the APLSA
                   and will not be returned.



Participation in the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Associaion, Inc., shall be by Membership only.   Individuals desiring to belong to the Association will be required to complete an application established by the Board in entirety and submit it to the Corresponding Secretary along with the signatures of two sponsors. *(If you don't have two sponsors provisions have been made...see 4 above). Each applicant must also read and initial they have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct.  When completed in its entirety, dated,and signed, the application is to be sent to the Corresponding Secretary.  The Corresponding Secretary will then place the applications which are complete on the agenda, and the incomplete applications will go to the Treasurer.  You will then be
notified about what you are missing, and given the opportunity to provide it before the application goes before the Board. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
APLSA, Inc. is an at-will organization.  Should applications be presented  to the Association be found to hold fraudulent or misleading information, it will be at the discretion of the Board whether to approve or deny membership to such persons. Membership is a privilege, not a right, granted by the Board of Directors  via the procedures as spelled out in this document to protet the goals, interest, and safety of this organization.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to deny, revoke, or not renew membership.  Membership is open to all who support the goals and purposes of the APLSA,Inc. and are willing to uphold its Constitution and Bylaws,Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. **
*  see number 4 above
** a copy of the complete  policy and procedure  is located in
    the APLSA Policies and Procedure Manual
Questions?   e- mail: