American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association


There are several ways to help the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, a Polish Lowland sheepdog club,  achieve our mission and goals which are listed on our Constitution and Mission page .  Two of our main goals are educating owners and potential owners about the breed.  Our second major focus is to promote,protect, and preserve Polish Lowland Sheepdog health.   Right now we are looking for  your support , both owners and non-owners of PONS, with our Project Health which is focused on Genetic DIversity and a Health Survey in order to gather recent data about both the wellness and the diseases of  the breed.  Again Polish Lowland Sheepdog health is key,  but  we also hope to help other breeds  and through the research being done even help with human cures.   There are many ways you can help us with Polish Lowland Sheepdog health, many of which will be of no additional cost to you.
1.  You can join our Association and let others know about what we are
      about --see membership information
2.  You as a member can help with our newsletter or  volunteer to serve on
     one of our committees --    committees
3.  You can offer information about your PON when we are gathering
      information or let us know your concerns and things you'd like
4.  You  can  help us raise money by taking part in our fundraising 
5.   You can make purchases through our PONtique Boutique which
       features many unique and wonderful items for our PONs and
       PON owners
6.  You can donate via Pay Pal and/or checks  and because we are a
      501 (c)3 non-profit public charity donations may be written off  your
      taxes to the extent which the law allows. 
IGIVE.  Purchase items on line through the IGIVE program.  When you register and  buy from over 1700  plus different  on-line stores IGive donates a portion of each of your purchases back to us. You register  using our special link** and IGive takes care of the rest. 
There are no fees to join, nor are there hidden costs.  IGive even lets you know when you have made a donation to our cause.  This program is used by many charities who find the donations from IGive to be very helpful to their fundraising work.  The APLSA webmaster has tried out IGive and found the process to be as simple and easy to use as advertised.

**First you must register, then remember, for your purchase to count towards a donation, you must start your shopping at the Web Site, through an Newsletter, or by using the iGive Button

Smile.  Are you  Amazon shopper?  Turn your online shopping into a donation! Amazon has a program called SMILE, through which a small percentage of each purchase will be donated to the nonprofit of your choice.  The link below will take you to our SMILE page; it's as simple as telling Amazon that the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association is the charity you choose to support. But, like the IGIve program, you must order by going to the Smile Website in order for the APLSA to get creat from Amazon, and like IGIve , there are no fees, no hidden costs, you are shopping at Amazon and have all of the same product choices as your buying generates a donation for a great cause.

 Checks Made out to APLSA are also acceptable

Checks should be mailed to
Thea Lopatka
APLSA Treasurer
2486 Hemlock Lane N
Minneapolis, MN 55441

Just a reminder that APLSA is a 501 (C) 3 and as such donations may be written off your taxes to the extent the law allows.


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