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Committees are one of the most important aspects of any organization.  It is the committees which  will allow the bulk of the members to become directly involved in various aspects of the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc. allowing them to present their ideas and use their talents for the benefit of all PONS. They may, as stated  in Roberts Rules of Order, be asked to consider, investigate, or take action on certain matters or subjects.  While committees have no real authority of their own (they are subordinate to the Board who can accept in whole or part or reject any ideas they have), it is the involvement of committee members that make any organization well run and productive.  Committees should work in conjunction with the Board to get the most accomplished to fulfill our American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc. goals. It is this co-operation between the committees and Board that will make a strong Association and a happier membership.   


There are two types of committee in the APLSA.  The first is the standing committees.  These committees are established as needed, but members may serve for the term of the elected officers once established.  The other type of committee is ad hoc, and these committees  are established for a limited time for a specific purpose. Whether they are a  standing or ad hoc committee, each committee will have a chairperson,  should have      regular meetings ,and should choose someone to be responsible for taking notes which become property of the Association. 

The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc.   will provide opportunities for any member who is in good standing and who has met their financial obligations , to serve on a committee and offer their knowlege and talents to benefit PONS.   Committees as they are established will be listed here along with the chairperson's name and contact information.   For now consider how you could help the Association...which committee could you join?  How can you help  PONS?  How can you help the public and Polish Lowland Sheepdog breeders. Let us know how you can help today  by sending an e-mail expressing your interest  to


Another rainy day...what to do?
Keep in mind committees will only be formed as needed so even though a committee is listed, it may not be needed.
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