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health survey
*The data we have about PON health are quite outdated and piecemeal

*Without accurate data, we won't know how to help breeders focus on
  improving the breed

*Without accurate data, we won't know which reasearch causes (diabetes,  cancer, eye health,etc.) would be most beneficial to the breed and so we can't focus our efforts accordingly

*Without accurate data, we can't give honest information to people   who are  looking to getting into the breed

*We need pet owners to fill in the survey because oftentimes breeders
  won't , can' t, or would rather not fill it out themselves.  The pet owners
  spend the most time with their pets and know their health and behavior
  better than the breeder.

*All the questions on the survey are completely voluntary, so you don't have to answer anything that you'd prefer not to answer

*The first step to help improve our breed is to know what our strengths and weaknesses are

* While there is no due date, we'd like to get enough responses to be able to get meaningful data

*The survey will be open in case you have additional dogs to add later

*Even in your PON is now healthy we need to know that can
  always enter any further information at a later time--the survey remains

All information about PONS will remain confidential
will be entered into a database of  health findings only.
In order to take the pls health  survey you will at this time be required to sign in with google.  The specific directions apply at the top of the survey....simply a matter of filling in the blanks.  To access the PLS HEALTH survey use the link below.   Because the survey is new should you have any problems notify  APLSA Heatlh Survey. 
LINK to APLSA PLS Health Survey:
To become more involved in health discussions about the PON join and visit our Facebook page called Polish Lowland Sheepdog Health Discussion and Forum.
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