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Need help with  PON  training and/or health, and other miscellaneous  topics?  Click on the topic below and it will link you to another PON website where you can find more information about the topic.  That website may direct you to even another website with more information. If there are other areas of concern regarding PON training and health , or miscellaneous topics, and you are a member,  let us know. The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association wants to help you in any way it can.

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Disclaimer:   The APLSA Association recognizes that PON training and health are two of the major concerns of any PON owner.  Each situation must be looked at on an individual basis.   There is nothing below written in stone, and the ideas given are only one of many suggestions you could follow.   In an emergency or if you have a serious situation,  you should consult with your veternarian or a professional.  The Association takes no responsibility for the information given other than as possible suggestions. It is up to you to decide for yourself how you handle any given situation.